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SkyCeiling lumineux circulaire
Les plafonds lumineux SkyCeiling offrent des images du ciel aussi vraies que nature et déclenchent une réponse physiologique de détente et de confort. La forme circulaire du SkyCeiling lumineux circulaire correspond au champ de vision humaine, qui est elle aussi arrondie. La forme circulaire rend donc l'impact visuel d'autant plus important. Les SkyCeiling lumineux circulaire sont disponibles dans une large gamme de diamètres : 152.4 cm, 182.9 cm, 260.7 cm, 304.8 cm, 358.1 cm, et 434.3 cm.

SkyCeiling lumineux circulaire 

1. Lighting Systems
Sky Factory LED lighting systems provide daylight quality light, and require 7.25 inches of vertical clearance.

2. Image Tiles
Sky Factory Luminous SkyTiles™ are high-resolution, photographic reproductions on translucent panels that convey the color, scale and perspective of actual sky.

3. Elevators
Patented Sky Factory SkyTile Elevators™ elevate SkyTiles above the grid, creating a robust structural appearance, like a real skylight.

4. Ceiling Grid
Custom perimeter and suspended ceiling grid system provided.


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Since 2002, Sky Factory has provided factory-direct pricing around the world to the top healthcare networks, specialty clinics, Fortune 500 companies, and other built environments, including retail, education, senior care, and hospitality.